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Amazing Features

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Smart Alarm

Choose to have a silent or loud alarm, which instantly sends notifications to your phone.

Automatic accident detection and Ecall

In case of an accident, the device will automatically detect it and it will send an SMS to the Emergency Services and to a list of personally chosen numbers.

Medical Profile

After an accident every second is vital, and the doctors needs to act as fast as possible, so medical information about you are very important.

Two wire clippings away

Very easy to install on your moto, with simple DIY instructions.


You are able to record your trips, your circuit laps and if you want, share them with your friends.

Mobile App Interface

Easily change your settings, control the hardware and keep in touch with the community, using our user friendly interface.

Web platform

You are able to use your PC to see trip stats, analyze your speed, angles and much more, an in depth version of the mobile app.


Chat with your friends, invite them to join your trips and share your favourite routes. The mobile app offers all the things you need to keep in touch with your motorcycle friends.

Low Power consumption

The battery consumption is solved by our device's smart idling, which provides a minimum of 2 months of idle time.

Get smart!

RiSE is an embedded device which integrates your motorcycle to IOT in order to increase your safety while riding.

The main drive behind RiSE's creation is rider safety, and trying to achieve this has given birth to the RiSE Emergency Call System. The system is able to detect any accident that may occur while you are on your motorcycle and send an SMS to local emergency services containing relevant information which increases your chances. Additionally, it will use crowd sourcing to alert all nearby users that you are in need of assistance.

Smart Alarm

Providing the rider with additional safety is our number one concern, but keeping the motorcycle safe is also of paramount importance. With this in mind, we have developed a smart alarm, which, using intelligent sensors mounted within the device itself, send real time notifications to your smartphone. The alarm's parameters can also be fine tuned from the mobile app, so you always have full control over it.

  • Anti-hijack
  • Instant notification
  • Easy to tune
  • Lots of tunable parameters

We live to ride!

Blackhelmets it's our official partner and they are helping us in the testing phase to create the product fit to the rider's needs.
Ride safe with RiSE.

It's Awesome

Cloud Data

Your stats are always a click away. You can access them both from your mobile app or the web platform.

Web Platform

If your phone is not always near you, use your PC and access the web platform. It is here that your stats are better analyzed and stored, with a few extra features for your device.

24/7 Support

Our support team is working around the clock to keep you safe. You can send us an e-mail 24/7 and we will be sure to respond in the shortest time possible.


Affordable Packages

Safe Rider

$150 + $5/month

  • Real-time connectivity with your moto
  • Full-Access to web platform
  • Full-Access to all mobile app features
  • Share your stats
  • Unlimited motorcycle status interrogation
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Automatic Backup

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